• One Team Men's Ministry

    One is the Spirit Christian Church, Lawton, OK Building Strong Familities


    Our vision is to inspire, encourage, support and equip as well as mentor, each other to walk in God's purpose and plan for our lives. As we fellowship with one another in Christ through the word.



    Our mission is to lead men to Christ and disciple them towards finding the fullness of their potential in Christ so that they develop spiritually and become leaders; first in their families, then in their churches and communities; believing that strong families build strong churches and strong churches build strong communities.



    Our goal is to reach men of all ages with a special focus on the younger generation starting at age 16. Our intent is to use the “Team” concept to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect, coming along aside one another giving spiritual guidance, support, and love in times of need: where men can be men and talk about issues at hand without being judgmental towards one another.